• "DRIVER 001" Daniel Morera

    Born in Long Island, NY and raised in Clearwater FL, Dan has grown up working on cars his whole life.

    "As a car enthusiast, I got fed up with buying automotive shirts that would fit like a tube sock or would fade away after a few washes. I wanted something that looked good and felt better. For $45+ a shirt, I found it, but at that price, my wardrobe would be quite small. So I made a shirt that I loved at a price everyone could afford. I wear these shirts every day because I truly love the way they fit, feel, and look."

    "Our top priority is producing a shirt that feels good, fits well, and lasts long. We strive to create unique automotive-inspired clothing that is as legendary as the cars they represent.”

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  • kosta arvanitakis

    "DRIVER 002" Kosta Arvanitakis

    Born and raised in Palm Harbor FL, Kosta has been surrounded by European car culture since an early age.

    "As soon as I got my hands on my family’s vhs camcorder I began filming and fell in love with digital design. At the start of high school, I got my first DSLR camera and began to hone my skills both in film and photography. Fast forward to the present, I now own and manage my media company. I joined the DRVR Team because I believe that high quality automotive inspired apparel does not have to be a rarity.”

    Kosta's Insta 
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