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Marlboro Racing

Marlboro Racing

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The famous cigarette brand got into motorsports in the 1970s, a move that marked the beginning of a significant era in sports marketing and racing of all kinds. Marlboro's iconic red and white livery became synonymous with McLaren and Ferrari, two of the most successful teams in Formula One. From the late 1980s to the mid-1990s McLaren and Marlboro would dominate the track until ties would be cut and an even more iconic partnership with Ferrari would be formed in 97’. This would last until tobacco advertising was banned along with any promotion or sponsorship of the sort. After being dropped as Ferrari's title sponsor in 2011 Marlboro did everything possible to stay in the game, going so far as to create the iconic barcode logo and even more recently Mission Winnow; a shell company created in 2018 to indirectly draw attention to Marlboro. Eventually, even Mission Winnow wasn’t sneaky enough and Ferrari officially cut ties with its title sponsor. The famed cigarette company never returned to racing.

No matter the condition of your lungs, enthusiasts both young and old smile at the sight of the red rooftop for the place it holds in racing history.



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